eve of 9/11

do you remember the eerie calm the morning of September 11th, six years ago, after the nation realized the gravity of the event unfolding before our eyes?

do you remember where you were? do you remember the feeling when your eyes would meet those of a stranger on the street? do you remember how we said we would never be the same?
are we really different today?

I remember being asked to co-host a local radio talk show the day before the first anniversary of 9/11. We talked about it, but just briefly.........but I publicly speculated that Americans had indeed forgotten the commitment to "change". Remember that? how we would never be the same? But we are today, even more selfish in our ambitions and greed, than we were before 9/11. Can you disagree?
I love this country........so much so that I weep for her. We are blinded to our own greed and see corruption and lack of integrity as acceptable paths to success. When you bow your head to pray tomorrow, remembering September 11th..........search your soul. Check your priorities, reach out to someone, heal strained relationships. And instead of asking God to bless us, pray for brokenness.


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