moving on

It's our last night in our house in town. Maybe it's the utter exhaustion, but I'm feeling a bit teary-eyed. 11 years. Bringing both kids home from the hospital and watching them grow. All of the ups and downs-happy and sad times. I wouldn't trade it, but it is tough letting it go.


Daisy Path said…
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Daisy Path said…
i'm teary eye! i understand...boy, do i understand!
Daisy Path said…
that is supposed to say teary eyed!
I was going to say the same thing, Mindy..the pictures, together with the song did me in!

Tod and I are excited about what lies ahead for you, will be a great adventure!
vanilla said…
Beautiful pictorial review. By the time you see this, you will be ensconced in your new environs. Blessings to you and the family!

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