I'm melting! Melting! Oh what a world!

Over Christmas Break we had that perfect snow that you could roll giant snowballs across the ground to build giant snowmen. My daughter asked me to help build a snow-girl with her, so we did and it was pretty cool.....a full three balls high, taller than my daughter I might add, complete with a carrot nose!

Then we experienced our first melt-down that reduced the girth of the snow(wo)man considerably until its head succumbed to its own weight and fell off. Then it got cold again, so dad to the rescue outfitted the smaller two-ball snowman...because, it would be a dude with two balls, right? with tangerine eyes and corncob nose. Then we got all that snow and cold weather and the snowdude looked very happy.

Well, with this latest melt-down the dude is looking more snow-alienish than manish. And when we got home today its eyes and nose were laying on the ground. Which reminded me of the sermon last Sunday from our new pastor about leprosy.....how Jesus loved on those lepers regardless of the fact that their noses were falling off. I couldn't love my faceless snowman any less....but mostly because it was great daddy-daughter time.

I'm throwing in this picture of our frosty squirrel from that last big snow. And if you look closely that's a bluebird on the suet.....beautiful blue against the snow.


vanilla said…
"dude with two" What??
jimgrey said…
All I know is that with the meltdown, my back yard has become a mud bog. I make my dog hold her bladder as long as I can think she can stand it, because there's no way she can come back in the house without having black paws.

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