Life is Crazy

We closed on the sale of our house, right here in river city, last Thursday at which time we discovered that we'd start paying rent to stay in our own home beginning last Friday.
Friday we closed on the new farm. Saturday we began demolition. And as I swung the hammer I became more agitated and decided we weren't staying in river city one day longer than absolutely necessary.

So, life's been a little crazy-and Hoosier Happenings has been put on hiatus as we cram 4 weeks of packing and renovating into this one week to officially move next Saturday.....with or without renovations complete....and knowingly without a kitchen for a few weeks.

Yes, life is is good. I'll be posting pics on the demo, renovation and move soon. For now, just some random crazy pictures with friends. Wish us luck!


vanilla said…
Good Luck! Seriously.
Lisa P said…
Good luck--more for the weeks after the move without a kitchen and unfinished remodeling!

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