poor Mr. Clucky

One of the most heart-wrenching stories to develop out of 2009 was the separation and abolition story coming out of Florida involving one poor Mr. Clucky. Evidently Mr. Clucky wasn't welcome in this metro-Florida city so the mayor told the rooster to get packin'. But Mr. Clucky's caregiver took his case to the press and soon across the country folks turned out in support of the abolished chicken. What harm was Clucky? Well, he crowed a little too early for most Floridians I assume, but he was in direct conflict with the city ordinance prohibiting poultry of the unprocessed disposition to inhabit the city.

This reminds me all too well of a similar story in river city. Two actually. First it was the pot-bellied porker who was more pet than pig that drew protests and ultimately a city ordinance with his name on it. Then it was the pigeon-rabbit farm in my district while I was on city council. It also drew protests, mostly due to its unsightliness, but it certainly was in violation of city ordinances.....as was pointed out by the city GOP chair in a press conference where he pulled out pictures of the accused stunning those of us who didn't intend to make it personal.

So, how far is too far when it comes to having government stick its nose into your backyard? Strangely enough it is typically republicans who say that government should mind its own business but it was GOP'ers who pushed the pig, poultry and pellet dropping pelts out of the city. Seems that when it comes down to ordinances (nose in your business); it's all good and fine to be restrictive if they are used to your benefit-but stand the heck back if the enforcement is on you.

Why did the chicken cross the road? Sanctuary. Incidently, we have a chicken coop at the new farm that may well be stocked before the year is out. And I'm a bit concerned that sporting grandad's overalls I'll look a little too much like Mr. Clucky's p.r. guy.


hoosier reborn said…
eekghad...my daughter saw the picture and thought that Mr. Clucky's owner WAS me!!!
vanilla said…
The great tradition of 'live and let live' but NIMBY.
Anonymous said…
Fried Chicken! I love it!

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