Happy New Year!

We rung in the New Year with our 20x class from church fon-du'ing. We had a great time and I bet that the neighbors may finally be happy to see us go since fireworks exploded in great profusion over the block last night. Our dog even got into the spirit.

With the kids away with their grandparents at the Purdue game today my wonderful wife and I headed north to immerse ourselves in the lake affect snow belt, and to return a few gifts. It gave us a great time to talk, quietly and uninterrupted. And she asked..."wow, 2010...do you think this year will be as eventful as the previous (11?) have been?"

Of course. We know that of course it will be as we begin yet another new journey. Our little clan, held up in an old farmhouse in the country....and simply following the Father's leading, should find the transition very eventful. I contended that 2004 & 2005 really weren't that eventful in our 11 years of marriage. The other years, sure.

I'd be lying if I said that I felt I was at the top of my game right now. Something seems all too cloudy and I feel myself mentally and physically slowing down. Maybe it's just the winter season. Regardless, I'm looking forward to the respite that Sycamore Hill can provide, even if it comes with the price of strenuous labor and sweat on my brow.

2010. Who'da thunk it? It seems like only yesterday we pulled an excessive amount of cash out of the ATM, bottled up water in the closet and waited for Y2K to wreak havoc. Happy New Year-may you find God in all of the opportunities presented to you this year-in every person you meet and in every place you look, may you see the face of God smiling back at you.


vanilla said…
And may the Lord make His face to shine upon you, too.

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