Slurp & Burp?

While driving to Galena, Illinois last fall we ended up on a detour that took us up and down rolling hills on a narrow county highway not labeled anything on the map. As we descended one hill this pretty little church lay out in front of us, which happened to be at a "Y" in the road and the gateway to this little country town.

While the little church was a neat front door feature, and this ancient stone house added a certain ambiance to this town of, oh, I suppose.....20 souls, it was their local watering hole that really caught our attention.

The Slurp & Burp. Probably one of the best named bars I've ever seen, now taking the place of the Sas & Pas in New Harmony. So here's my question to you out there.....what are some crazy bar names you've run across?


Natalie said…
It looks like the Slurp and Burp is housed in a former should get extra points for that.
Anonymous said…
When I was a boy, my grandparents used to take us to this place called the Inn Between, which was in between Dowagiac and Cassopolis on M-62.
Anonymous said…
There is an Inn Between near La Grange Lake halfway between Cass and Dogpatch....wonder if it is the same one you remember
hoosier reborn said…
I'd like to think it was a little schoolhouse, but I doubt it. I can't think of any other churches-turned bar, with maybe the exception of a baptist church in Rochester their VFW.
Troy said…
The Queen's Head in London.

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