Prep for "the Move"

Does this look like a spooky old abandoned house? Welcome home to Sycamore Hill. We've officially made the move, regardless of completion. This is the first of a few posts on the move. This is the week leading up to the official moving day. We had many friends turn out to help paint, demo, pack, clean and move. How incredibly blessed we are.

The plaid shirt guy dared me on Sunday, the first day of hell week, to jump off a beam in the barn into a pile of hay. This was dumb for me to do. I walked around (moved, painted, etc.) with a gimp leg all week. But in return he worked with me side by side every night, sometimes until midnight, getting the house ready.

This was load No. 1 of 9 loads on Friday that preempted the big move this past Saturday. When all was said and done our kids bedrooms, upstairs play room, bathroom and our bedroom were all finished and the other rooms in the house were either stripped of paneling, carpet or goofy walls removed prior to the Saturday move. 7 total days. Now I know how God must've felt.

This was the state of affairs in our house the week leading up to the big move:


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