20 years later & I still haven't grown up

The Simpsons. You either love 'em or hate 'em.....but this past week they turned 20 years old, outlasting just about every other program that's ever been on TV. Once featured in the local newspaper, I was called a "closet Simpsons fan". I don't think I've ever tried to hide this one. I love that yellow dysfunctional family!

Back in the day, my brother and/or my cousin and I would sit around and watch hours of the show I had video taped. We had the lines memorized and would frequently interject those lines at the most (in)opportune times in family discussions. And occasionally I'll remember a fitting line today and throw it out there to with friends or family and they just look at me like I'm nuts!


I know I have a bizarre sense of humor, probably shaped by Homer himself. But there are redeeming qualities to the Simpsons, such as the fact that it is the one show that has most mentioned God/Faith consistently more than any other program. Not that it is always correct (i.e.: Homer sometimes says "Jebus" when he means Jesus). And they are timeless....why, Bart looks so young for being 30 now. Homer....yeah, he could be 60. Funny how I identified with Bart 20 years ago, but can identify with Homer today.

Now what does the Simpsons have to do with Hoosierdom? Well, based on our stereotype, I would have to believe that at some point we would provide fodder for this show. In fact, I'm really disappointed that Indiana has never gotten a mention on the program. We need to change that. So I plan to lobby the Simpsons to include some kind of reference to us Hoosiers.

In fact, I believe that the home of the Simpson family, Springfield, is actually set in Indiana! While every state boasting a Springfield has claimed this fame, Indiana in fact claims TWO - 2 Springfields. You read that right. 2! The picture above is a shot of Springfield, Indiana in Posey County near New Harmony and the picture below is of Springfield, Indiana in LaPorte County near Michigan City. Based on my exhaustive and probably obsessive knowledge of the Simpsons, I would have to guess that the LaPorte County location is the actual home of the Simpsons.....being near Michigan City and the nuclear power plant and all, plus the fact that it seems to snow a great deal in Simpsons' Springfield. And my other observation is that the Simpsons truly do act like the typical Hoosier family, right? Well, there you have it.


vanilla said…
The program, still into its first year: Bus driver brings misbehaving fifth grader (from another school) into my (i.e., principal's) office. I ask the boy his name. Reply: Bart Simpson. Even back then, I wasn't that far out of the loop!

[That wasn't you, was it?]
jimgrey said…
The problem is that Springfield abuts Shelbyville in the show. I don't care how hard you try to distort geography, but you can't claim that Springfield in LaPorte Co. is anywhere near Shelbyville way down in Shelby Co.!

I haven't watched a first-run ep of the show in four or five years, but still catch it in reruns whenever I can. It was must-see TV when it was new. The girlfriend I had at the time and I never missed it.

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