this Thanksgiving, again.

I found this among my electronic documents, penned the day before Thanksgiving, 2006.

This Thanksgiving............

Will be different.
With a fully thankful heart, I will express gratitude to my God, who in His mercy has brought me back to solid ground. In His quiet and perfect way has raised a mirror before me, exposing a man I despised-a man I had become.

To now be fully broken, laying out my faults before my brothers and allowing God to mold me into the man He intended. This is what I am most thankful for this year.

And to begin again-in loving my neighbor, in embracing life and in speaking truth.
Truly this is a new day.

This Thanksgiving will be very different.

It seems that this Thanksgiving will be very different for me again. I can't believe how far God has taken us on this wild ride called life.

Happy Thanksgiving. Live your life in gratitude by giving of yourself to all those around you. This is the model of Christ, it is what God requires.


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