I pray the Lord
He lets me see,
Another leaf, another tree
in Autumn splendor

And in October,
God gave me life
A celebration of Harvest
My time, memorial.

The Colors of Harvest

A splash of light paints the landscape
of the Harvest.
Over field and farm, the sky above
The ground below
A rustle of leaves as I walk.
These are the colors of Harvest

Gold is the color of Harvest;
It spills over the ground
And lands upon each leaf.

Red is the color of Harvest;
It burns in the sky at the setting sun,
It splashes the side of weathered fence and barn.

Yellow is the color of Harvest;
It scatters its star-like leaves
Against the bluest canvas.

Orange is the color of Harvest;
It finds a home on every stoop
And creates wonder in the night sky-
The Harvest Moon.

Would You....

Drive down a country road in Autumn
And say there is no God?
Tell me of the little worth of country?
Breath in the Harvest
And say it does the body no good?
Tell me you can go without!
Watch the sun set and turn the world to gold.
And say to me,
Son, leave the country behind!
Tell me, would you?


vanilla said…
Thank you for these images. They have added greatly to the beauty of my morning.

May the God of grace bless you and keep you.
hoosier reborn said…
thank you, and the same to you! even the ugliness of politics cannot dim the beauty of God's Fall in Indiana

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