road to southwest Indiana: Vincennes

Maybe one of my favorite spots in the Hoosier State is the George Rogers Clark Memorial (closed for restoration) and Memorial Bridge over the Wabash River in Indiana's Territorial Capital city of Vincennes. The weather had turned gray on us and the rain started to come in, so these pictures aren't my best work, but enjoy.

These large limestone "pillars" form the gateway across the bridge into Illinois. I am a huge fan of Art Deco architecture, and the engraved Native Americans on the pillars are in the style of Art Deco sometimes referred to as "Egyptian".

The bridge and memorial were constructed under Roosevelt's New Deal plan to get America back to work. Some folks called it socialism, but I'm glad we have this legacy of WPA/CCC work today.

Tell me little boy, what do you want Santa Vigo to bring you for Christmas?


Anonymous said…
My uncle many times removed left Kaskaskia (IL) Indiana Territory in 1786 and went to Vincennes to work with Vigo....he went with Vigo in 1789 to meet Washington....he later became the first lieutant governor of Illinois. George Rogers Clark is a hero in Indiana, but he was not liked in and around Kaskaskia becuase he never repaid the people of that area for all of the food, livestock and goods that he appropriated for his trek back to Vincennes as he had promised.
Anonymous said…
WPA and CCC....socialism???? Lets see some of the finest and most enduring structures in our nation were built becuase the top 5% was clinging to its money and wouldn't spend inorder to create jobs and to improve the quality of life for all, FDR moved boldly to stimulate the economy by building. No phoney baloney stimulus checks, people were put to work and in exchange they got paid. I think some new bridges, schools, parks, etc would be a good thing!!!! It amazes me that some of Indiana's most beloved structures were built by that darn bunch of "socialists" FDR and the Democrats.
Jonathan Erdman said…
The Vigo pic. is a little creepy!
hoosier reborn said…
just a little creepy? my wife's idea-and I loved it!

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