06 November 2008

road to southwest Indiana: Clay City

I'm taking a break from politics and plan to provide a few posts from our trip to southwest Indiana, along the old Wabash.....it's good to remind myself why it is I love the Hoosier state.

Why is it I find this picture so comforting?

Someone's an old gas station fan. This place, turned bar, looked like a great place to grab a burger.


jimgrey said...

Even though I lived in neighboring Vigo Co. for 9 years, I never made it to Clay City. Where's that old gas station? On 59?

hoosier reborn said...

I think that's right, whichever highway comes into town from the north, turns at this intersection and heads west just a little, then winds back around and goes south again. Great find, isn't it?

jimgrey said...

Yeah. Looks to be in great shape.