road to southwest Indiana: New Harmony

If you haven't been to this lazy little, architecturally rich historic don't know what you're missing. This was our 4th trip & this time we caught a highschool play in the old playhouse.

Downtown New Harmony

New Harmony Playhouse

David Dale Owen Laboratory

Original dwellings of the Rappites (c. 1810)

Phillip Johnson's Roofless Church

A two-seater outhouse at the Fountleroy House


Anonymous said…
I took my sons down there a year ago April. We had a beautiful day until about three miles out; then the skies darkened, and by the time we got there, they opened up into the most ungodly downpour. We saw the town from the car through the windshield wipers.
Jonathan Erdman said…
Good idea....and less than an hour from my place!

Thanks for the tip.

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