he's only just begun!

Highest Unemployment Rate in 21 years

10th in the Nation in Foreclosures

One of the highest dropout rates in the Country

Left Cities and Counties with enormous budget Shortfalls

Raised Sales Tax an Additional 1%

Lost Over 130,000 Jobs

Reallocating Millions of Dollars Away from the rest of the State to Indianapolis


I just couldn't resist, what with the new jobless rates reported this week. My county, whose Republicans are heralding Mitch as Saviour, is suffering an 8% unemployment rate-higher than I can ever remember, and second only to RV capital-Elkhart County. Yeah, that $42 net reduction in my property taxes are about to be eaten up by river city's own version of privatization-to help with the shortfall-by outsourcing trash, an extra cost to me of $50 a year.
You know, I'm beginning to understand why the rest of the country questions our intelligence....and I thought the hayseed from Cheers was inaccurate stereotyping. God Help Us.


Anonymous said…
I attended the Extension office annual dinner this week. My first experience with this group. Lots of farmers and county elected officials. The speaker DeBoer from Purdue, described the shortfall that is coming for all local taxing units as a result of the failure of the sales tax to make up for the property tax reductions. The farmers were shocked to here that Mitches miracle tax reform has resulted in a 33% increase in farm land taxes. A fellow farm wife Jill Long Thompson who ran for governor tried to sound the alert on the smoke and mirror hosing that hoosiers are about to take!! I sat there wondering how many of them wish they had their votes back????? I am afraid they are so brain washed that it won't matter!
hoosier reborn said…
So, I assume we will see another jump in sales tax early in 09, so that it doesn't become political for state officials in 10? Brain washed by 10 million dollars-outspending Jill 10-1. With the national economy in a tail spin, I'm afraid it will get 10x worse in the hoosier state before it ever gets better.

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