follow the Lincoln brick road

While doing my Lincoln Highway reconnaissance in Noble County, Indiana, I came across this old brick alignment south of U.S. 6. This curved section was bypassed to allow for a more gradual curve to its west. I am unclear how early the brick section is, however, the Lincoln Highway came through this part of Indiana in 1913. Note the old mailbox that says "Old U.S. 33" in the left picture and the way the bricks are banked with the curve, and the modern Lincoln Highway directional sign in the right. Ever wonder how they create a curve in a brick road? This was their answer (below).


Anonymous said…
very cooooool! I couldn't help it; I found where this was located on Google Maps. It's a classic realignment.

I've seen some curved brick roads out on the National Road in Illinois, but the curves weren't this sharp and so there were no "seams" like this.
hoosier reborn said…
yeah, it reminded me of a section of route 66 in Illinois, south of Springfield

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