they don't just fade away

Well, I'm faced with a real tragedy right now.

Have you ever had that perfect pair of jeans, or t-shirt, or sweatshirt that you wore until its really just rags held together by a few stubborn strands? Ordinarily I mow in know, when it was summer just two weeks ago, but last week it was a bit nippy out and I decided to wear an old pair of jeans I've resisted throwing out. They have been my all-time favorite jeans-perfect fit.

Both knees had blown out two years ago, about the same time the bottom cuff of the legs also had let loose and often got caught between the ground and the heel of my shoe. Then a tear began on one corner of a pocket.....then hit the other corner. Finally that tear worked its way over to the all important center seam up the, er uh, center of the backside this spring. They were rendered unsuitable for public wearings by my wife at that point, since she preferred my Calvins be hidden from view. So, they were occasionally brought out for backyard use......with only the neighbors turning their heads in disgust.

Oh yeah, mowing last week. I pulled my faithful sidekick(s?) out of the closet, pulled them on-bent down to put on my shoes and I heard a slight rip. I figured, aw, nothin'-like an old house settling. I went on about my business of mowing the front yard and our "cottage", came back to mow our back yard, but wanted a drink first. So I kicked off my shoes by our outside step, quenched my thirst....went back out and sat down on the back step to put my shoes back on.

BIG riiiiiiiiiiiipppppppp! I felt the cold of the concrete step now on my cheek. Uh oh. I reached back and yes, the center seam had all opened up. I finished mowing regardless.....sorry neighbors! I came back inside and my wife asked if I had been mowing "like that". I said yes and she rolled her eyes. I took them off and said, what do you think? "Well, I could patch them....maybe."

I put my head down, and said, no, it's probably time to let them go. Farewell-I will always remember you.


Anonymous said…
someday you will be old enough to hate wearing jeans...I can't stand to wear them anymore....only in the winter.....

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