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lies. about. results.
I just don't know if I'll be able to make it to election day without losing my religion. Coming off complete aggravation regarding the bailout.....I am now bombarded with Mitch Daniels "saviour of the state" ads that, frankly, are misleading dim-witted Hoosiers into believing this guy!
One of the first claims in his Star Wars-esque advertisement is that he:
balanced the state budget
Without Raising Taxes
Uh, hello Hoosiers?
Do you remember the
increase in sales tax this year?
How can a man with any integrity at all allow that to go on his ad? This has become a sad state of affairs in American politics. At one time, it was simply about spinning the it's about out-right lying to the public. And so long as you have enough money to throw at it........people will believe what you say, regardless of your actions. I guess we should blame the voter for being so uninformed, but it just rubs me raw.......once Mitch made that claim, can you believe ANYTHING he says?
Kinda like River City's mayor's race.
Speaking folks witnessed our reputable mayor dumping his stale coffee out on the street prior to a visit to the coffee shop. Pretty shoddy.......but I guess he never claimed he would clean up the town.


vanilla said…
Col:3:2: Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.

Only way I know to deal with it. Boiling blood isn't good for the body or the soul.
hoosier reborn said…
so, vanilla, what's a healthy way for a Christian to engage in political dialogue? Albeit, when someone recently mentioned that they ask themselves "who would Jesus vote for".....I suggested Jesus probably wouldn't vote.
vanilla said…
A fair question. I believe it is possible to engage in discourse while maintaining a healthy outlook (uplook, see previous post.) I would not suggest that it is necessary for Christians to disengage from the process; but I do think we need to be careful.
And as I said in an earlier conversation on your blog, I may indeed find it difficult to vote at all, though that takes me out of the equation. It is not the same as "none of the above" which I still like as an alternative. Peace.

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