a groupie because of my Irish roots

me, the #1 groupie with two of Fonn Mor


As the countdown continues to the big 4-0, my wife pulled off the only surprise-well, good surprise-anyone has ever pulled on me by arranging some good friends of ours to meet us at the house and head north to South Bend to Fiddler's Hearth last Friday. A band that I incredibly enjoy-Fonn Mor-was playing at the Irish pub, sending ND fans into a frenzy just before the Stanford game. Fiddler's Hearth is probably downtown South Bend's second most important asset only to the South Bend Chocolate Company.

I LOVE Irish/Celtic music and this band is awesome. They have a beautiful way of blending a more up-tempo beat to traditional Irish sounds......so cool. I have their cd. The place was packed when we got there and they don't take reservations....so what was the table that became available for the 6 of us? Center and front with the band. Then of course, it didn't stop there as my buddies encouraged the band members to take a picture with their "#1 groupie" they called me. And then the kicker was when my wife had prearranged Fonn Mor to wish/sing me a happy birthday in Celtic style. Too much fun. Except when the ca. 60 year old woman started dancing around me, I couldn't tell if she was coming on to me or what.

Great Grandad & Gramma Ervin Crothers

So, I blame my insatiable need for Irish music on my Irish roots. Our family always celebrates St. Patrick's Day, even though I have no Catholic ancestors. I am fascinated with old Celtic mythology and lore, and am even considering risking my life to fly overseas just to see the Emerald Isle. The truth is I had planned to go to Ireland if I had turned 30 and not yet been married so I could bring back an Irish lass.

Great Grandad Bryant (on left) with his brothers and dad

I have gallons of Irish and Scottish blood pumping through my veins, though many of my ancestors came to this country long before the potato famine of the 1800's. Family surnames include Bryant, Crothers, Carey, Mahurin, Laramore, Bailey, Joyce, Moore, Ervin and Tracy. I haven't figured out if I'm a lover or fighter yet.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8SktnSlpqI to enjoy a little Fonn Mor.


Anonymous said…
Oh! I bet your wrong! If your family is from anywhere in Scotland or Ireland you can go back far enough and find Catholics...unless your ancestors were DRUIDS! and based on conversations we have had your ancestors would probably rather admit to being DRUID! hehehehe!

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