Hog hunts & cherry pie

I don't know of anyone who can rightly call themselves a Hoosier if they haven't had to help round up escaped hogs.

The call came in to the church just as youth group was dismissing Wednesday night that one parishioner's hogs had escaped. I rounded up some young men and said "boys, we're goin' on a hog hunt".......yee hah!

So we loaded up in Josh's pick-up truck, the five of us, rounded up some waders.....long rubber boots.....and headed out to the farm. With flashlights in hand we went to get our marching orders from farmer at the hog barn, after making it clear that youth group had ended and they were on their own.

One problem.....I think most of the 16 hogs had already come back to the barn and it soon was obvious we were just in the way. Awwman! I was really looking forward to this dark of night hog hunt. I hadn't rounded up hogs since I was a kid on my grampa's farm. I think the boys were disappointed to.......so, to make up for it........as we were standing around I said "I feel like pie".


"yeah, pie?"

"where are we going to get pie this time of night?"

I knew exactly where, so we loaded back into the pick-up, drove to the diner and I asked the owner if a bunch of rowdy guys would be welcome for pie.

"sure.....I'll set you in the back"

So we ordered one whole cherry pie.............and three sides of bacon. And I said, this shall forever be done in the remembrance of the great hog hunt of 2008.


Anonymous said…
I know about your bacon fetish....you ate the three sides and the boys ate the pie!!!
hoosier reborn said…
this must be one of my breakfast pals....sure, tell the world my secret!
Anonymous said…
The closest I ever got to a hog, as a lifelong Hoosier, is when I visited my grandparents, who lived near a huge hog farm ... in Michigan.

Bacon is proof that God exists and loves us very much, by the way.
Anonymous said…
I am pretty sure Old Ben said Beer was proof that God loves us, not bacon!
hoosier reborn said…
Beer or bacon? That might be an interesting question for a post sometime. I'm sure my Adventist friends would disagree with bacon.

I'm thinking God shows he loves us by providing hard cider and apple dumplings.

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