mastodon digs

If there's one thing our county is famous for in our little corner of Indiana-it's mastodon digs. Seems like we can hardly turn around to dig a pond or septic field without turning up one of these giants. We've had two found in the last three years alone.
I like to try to imagine these big guys roaming across the wetlands and scrub forests of the really hasn't been that long ago in terms of the age of the earth-only 10,000 years ago. The thing that disappoints me most is that our mastodons never get to stay here; they're always shipped off to a museum some distance away,
such as the state museum. I think the next one that turns up......
we get to keep. I think if we took the loft out of my barn it would probably fit....and then I'd charge a nickel to get to see the great beast......and have loud trumpeting calls recorded to add to the ambiance.

Hmmm.....I'm liking this.


Anonymous said…
That lumbering hairly beast that you are imagining, goes down every parade route in Marshall County!! It is the Marshall County Republican elephant! You have my approval to put that in your garage and to charge admission to see the BEAST the runs this county!

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