it's begun already

I turn 40 next week. I don't look, act, feel or consider myself that old. I've tried to tell myself that I will do so with grace and dignity......but I'm not sure that's going to happen. In the mean time, some friends thought they'd celebrate a little early for me with some random, humorous purchases - a harmonica to sing the blues, fortune cookies and a night out. I might add here that only two of the fortunes are true.

I'm always freezing in the winter......have for 20 years!
Work is definitely more fun these days!

And the one that is DEFINITELY not true is that my doctors are younger than me. My doctors are all MUCH, MUCH older than me. Considerably older! Like 40 is a distant memory for them! gotcha.

More on 40 soon.


Anonymous said…
OH QUIT YOUR WHINING!! 40 is nothing but a state of mind! Go skip rocks, fly a kite, catch bees in a glass jar!
hoosier reborn said…
It's lightning bugs, not bees mister! someone pulled a prank on you-how many times did you get stung?
Anonymous said…
Hey we used to catch Bumble Bees in a mayonaise red clover fields, and I NEVER got are not only a whiner but a weannie! Any sissy can catch lightning bugs by hand! OH yeah your generation are a bunch of wimps, I need to praise and pat you on the head!!! Toughen UP! MISTER!

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