I don't get it.....

Could someone fill me in here?

I got this from the local Republican Party.....who evidently has kept me on their mailing list. I'm also wondering if they aren't out of touch with reality slightly. What does it mean the tide has shifted back to us - let's finish this off? I see the potential for Democrats to do well in this staunchly Republican county; Obama continues to increase his lead in the polls and Jill Long Thompson is holding her own against an incredibly well financed Mitch machine.

Is the barracuda flattering to Sarah?


Anonymous said…
TELL EM TO KEEP DREAMIN' Caribou Barbie and "my fellow prisoners" John are finished!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
DO THINK THE GUY IS SUFFERING FROM POST TAUMATIC STRESS.....LETS SEE OBAMA HAS RELEASED HIS MEDICAL RECORDS BUT MCCAIN WON'T my fellow " Americans" we are not prisoners.....the man is hiding something!

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