Sounds of Summer Birding

The count for the week, as of right now, is 39. That's 39 different species of birds that we've seen this week alone. Pretty remarkable since our "record" living in town was around 30 I think. So I thought I would share some pictures (no, I didn't take these-except for the flycatcher) of the more interesting ones we've seen, or heard. These include the screech owl, yellow throated warbler, great crested flycatcher, and pileated woodpecker.

Heard. For well over a month now we've had a breeding pair of barn owls camped out here on the Hill. One night we actually got to witness the two sitting side by side in an old tree at the end of our lane. That was pretty cool. What's not cool is that they don't have a soothing "hoo hoo" sound, no, the sound is more like a yelling squawk....that goes on for hours in intervals of about 20 seconds between the two. That gets a little tiring while sleeping with the windows open.


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