playing with panorama

Our camera started to go on the fritz a few weeks ago and since it assists in a major way with my livelihood I went out and replaced it with one that offered more features, had double the mega-pixels, and was almost a third the cost from when we bought the first one four years ago. Technology, right?

I got the camera just a few days before this year's kayaking excursion on Sugar Creek. I took this kid that I mentor since he likes camping, hiking and kayaking....yeah, like I need an excuse? We hit some trails at Turkey Run before camping at Shades then started our day long excursion down Sugar Creek from Crawfordsville to Clements Canoes the next day. I hadn't been on the "upper rapids" part of the trip before and it didn't disappoint. And we didn't pass a soul for four hours except for one guy fishing.

I thought this was clever...there are two of him!

This little trip gave me a great chance to check out the camera's abilities, but what I most enjoyed was its panoramic setting that created the picture by telling you where to turn, then automatically closed the shutter. How cool is that? So I practiced some, and messed up a fair amount, but some of the pictures turned out great.

The only thing I couldn't figure out is how to snap a picture with the holding the camera at arm's length would have to do. And the trip will be memorable since the muffler went out just outside of Logansport....that was a long, noisy trip and I'm sure the campers appreciated us rolling in late. Man, I do love it down there!


vanilla said…
New toys are such fun! And what a place to initiate the camera. Great shots.
pennyland said…
I am looking at new cameras. Do you love it? What model is it?

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