Too big for his britches at 3

Hoosier Happenings celebrated its third birthday this week. The first post ran on July 20, 2007. While the blog dribblings have slowed over the last several months...I'm still committed. Or, maybe I'll be committed. Not sure.

My wife had her blog up and running well before me. I think I sorta' rolled my eyes when she told me that she had started her own personal blog. Sometime in May of 2007 while having coffee with a friend of mine.....discussing the rapids of my life at that time......he said to me "hey, you should start a blog". That got me thinking.

Politics. Hmmm....I can offer a unique perspective on that. A staunchly, rigidly established republican who went through hell with his own party and began to, I hope anyway, see the world as Christ does......not through elephant vision.

Faith. many ways the same as above, unfortunately. Faith isn't about beating the sinner into submission or taking the country back for God. Faith isn't a formula and it certainly doesn't make us better than anyone else. Faith isn't holiness. Faith is a journey in modeling Christ.

Culture? Yeah, we've got it here in the Hoosier state. And we need to talk about it, celebrate it, and embrace it. The key is to not let current culture erase or hold underfoot the heritage left to us. Which seems to be part of being a odd is that?

Here's to hoping for (or maybe enduring?) another three years of Happenings in the Hoosier state!


vanilla said…
Keep on blogging!

"The key is to not let current culture erase or hold underfoot the heritage left to us."

Guess I am one who believes we can treasure and honor our heritage even as we continue to build for the future. Do I get nostalgic? You bet. Do I want to "go back?" No thanks.
hoosier reborn said…
It's not about going back...maybe it's just the attitude around here...which tends to make the very most of NOT learning from our past, let alone take advantage of what we DO have.

Nope.. tear down, spoil, destroy and live for today. That's our creed.

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