2 Years Down, 26 to Go

Bremen Depot Relocation & Restoration

Sunday marked the second anniversary from my professional exodus. It was an interesting time in my life because while I didn't know what was ahead I knew it had to be better than where I was. So, I quit my job of 12 years on Friday, August 1, 2008 and on Monday I woke up to a new day......the first day truly of the rest of my life. And not an idea about what I would do next.

My very first project, on Lake Max in Culver

Over those 12 years I learned much. Much about honesty and integrity, politics, relationships, work ethic, frustration and occasionally reward. When I spoke to the third graders at my son's school this spring they asked "how many buildings have you designed?" That was a good question....I can't say I had ever thought about it until that time. I said, "well, maybe 70?" "wow" was the response. Is that wow? Why don't I feel like it's wow?

Heminger House, home for women & children in crisis

There were a handful of projects that were truly rewarding over those years. If I learned anything over the 12 years I certainly learned that we Hoosiers aren't particularly interested in good architecture and often times aren't even interested in sound design. We like cheap and fast.

My in-laws agri-based headquarters

So on the occasion that I could "do it right" I became particularly fond of both the client and project. And there were times when it wasn't so much the building that made the project, but rather the client. That could be just as rewarding as good design. Regardless, the photos are of a few projects I designed from the first 12 years.

the Historic Crossroads Center-my very last project

Life has had its ups and downs in the last 2 years with my shingle hanging off the house. Mostly ups I have to keep reminding myself lately. And despite what has been rumored in river city, and I think I know the source, ain't no one paying the bills but me...just wanted to clear that up! Maybe the next post will be on some of the projects from the first two years.


jim said…
Congratulations on two years on your own, HR!
vanilla said…
Nicely done. Sturdy and functional doesn't have to be ugly!
hoosier reborn said…
Thanks Jim and Vanilla!
Anonymous said…
Great Job !!! You have a God given talent and it really shows.

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