American Reflections #2

Oklahoma Federal Building Memorial
Chief Menominee Rededication
Summit Cemetery

Acadia National Park-Maine
World War I Memorial-River City
Indiana Dunes-Lake Michigan-Chicago in Horizon

Independence Hall

Back country road in Michigan

Shenandoah National Park-Appalachian Trail-Virginia

Route 66 National Museum-Oklahoma

Meteor Crater National Monument-Arizona


vanilla said…
btw, did I miss the answer, or am I still looking for it?

What do Mitch Daniels, Owl Pellets, Evan Bayh, Molded Concrete Block, the Indiana Dunes, a giant elephant, the H2 and the sun all have in common?
hoosier reborn said…
ah yes, well, those were topics of posts that I intended to get to. I think that I got through two of them (conc block and the giant elephant). I should really get to the others! thanks for reminding me!

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