Another round of good byes...

watch out Minnesota!

Last summer I wrote about a number of friends who were moving away to various places, but several to Florida. This summer appears to be no different with a growing number of friends leaving the area for better economics elsewhere. This time Florida and Minnesota are claiming a few and Ft. Wayne, still within Hoosierdom, another.

my archi buddy, Will

I'm going to miss these guys. One was the only guy I've kept in contact with from my college days who actually stayed in the Midwest. I mentioned to a friend last week that river city is an old man's town.....for so many reasons. The least of those is that the brain drain is so pronounced that I, being nearly 42, am considered young! Last time I checked, that was middle age.


vanilla said…
What? a 42-year old who actually did the arithmetic and admits he's "middle aged".

Watching friends move away is tough. Best wishes to the lot of you.

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