What does that spell? How about a pathetic past month of blogging. And not much better the month before.

You know, I thought moving to the "farm" would be become more inspiring, more...contemplative, and better foster my creative juices.

Instead I find myself in a bit of a state of malaise. And I'm not sure why. Although it is true that I am an organizational and control freak and since my life is rather out of control....I can hazard to guess why things are the way they are.

Now, I have been exceptionally busy over the last 30-45 days too. If it wasn't work keeping me from spilling out dribble, it was likely the house or farm. At my month-end close-out I realized I had worked more hours in March than any other month since beginning my business. And I've taken several full days "off" to work at cleaning out the barn and traveling to conferences.

So...I guess I'm making excuses. I've had so many blog-thoughts going through my head it really is just a matter of tickling the keyboard. I'm coming around folks....I'm almost "back".


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