Lincoln Highway = Byway

Many of you know of the work we are doing to get Historic Byway status for Indiana's Michigan Road, but unless you've been following this site for a long time, I doubt that you know I have been working with the Indiana Lincoln Highway Association for about a year and a half now to achieve byway status for both alignments of that historic road.

Last week, after submitting a document well over 100 pages last November, we made a presentation to INDOT, tourism, and Federal Highway justifying the label "scenic byway" for Indiana's stretch of the Lincoln Highway, following suit with Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska. We heard very positive comments and feel like the endeavor is very promising. The grassroots effort has brought together elected officials, Main Street organizations, tourism offices, economic development folks, preservationists and auto enthusiasts.

Our entourage left INDOT and made its way to Crown Hill Cemetery and the grave of Carl Fisher, mastermind of the Lincoln Highway and father of the Indianapolis 500. During our homage we told Carl with any luck there should be a blue line across the northern Indiana counties on the official state map designating the LH as a "byway" before year's end.


jim said…
Congrats on getting through the presentation!
Anonymous said…
Just another reason to waste money on signs etc......Tea Party Patriot
hoosier reborn said…
hey Patriot-the signs are/were paid for by donors. God forbid we use tax dollars on something that might actually create economic development...I'd much rather spend millions of dollars on infrastructure projects to bring in $6 an hour jobs!

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