race for the morels

My younger brother always has to show me up by being the first in the family to find the tasty morsels called sponge morels each spring. This is truly why we moved to the farm.....the previous owner said it was excellent for mushroom hunting so in order for me to be first with the find-we staked the claim.

And the property seems to exude that sort of spring feel....as if the whole creek bank and woods would be screaming with 'shrooms. So imagine my disgust when I had to be out of town last week-300 miles away from my hunting grounds and my bro sends me this picture of his find:

And to make matters worse my sister, who we teased relentlessly as kids because she never could find a single morel, happened to find more than a dozen in her flower bed. Her flower bed! So, out we trekked looking for mushrooms both Saturday and Sunday and still have found nothing. I'm hopeful for the yellow sponge-but if this season passes us by without a single find on the farm I may file suit for sale of the property under false pretenses.

How about you.......any luck yet this year?


Natalie said…
That's one of the things I miss most about Indiana...mushroom hunting. Good luck! I hope you find the mother lode.

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