latest from the Hill

Some people want to take issue with me when I use the term "farm" to describe our place here on the Hill. For those doubters and nay-sayers, I want you to know that there is a John Deere, Allis-Chalmers, and Ford Powermaster tractor parked in the barn. Sounds like a farm to me.

We've found about 20 mushrooms in the woods along the creek. A far cry from the hundreds it sounded like we would find from the owner's description. But then, I wouldn't eat hundreds anyway.....20 is more than enough.

We've had a hugely diverse crowd of fowl around here this past week. I think I wrote before about seeing around 15 different varieties in town and we've been running around 25 here each week. This past week we had 35 different birds. The latest to show up are White-Throated Sparrows, Eastern Towhee (pictured), Barn Swallows, Fox Sparrows and a Wood Thrasher. Of course, it wouldn't be Indiana without a Great Blue Heron hanging out in the creek.

We also had our first bonfire here Wednesday night, complete with s'mores and good company. As a few of us were walking back down the hill from the barn pasture I looked down at the fire ring and blazing fire with family and friends gathered and thought to myself......yep....this is why.


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