always at Thanksgiving

Funny how the time around each Thanksgiving is now marked with some new journey or soul-wrenching event. Three years ago began a tremendous time of conflict & renewal. Not knowing what it would lead to, and still not fully knowing, what I do know is that God love us. He knows what is best for us, He has gone before us and prepared a path. He knows my heart, my true heart and has always provided in the most remarkable ways. Even now He is providing the opportunity for a new adventure....a fork in the road as a good friend has described it.

written the day before Thanksgiving, 2006
This Thanksgiving............

Will be different.
With a fully thankful heart, I will express gratitude to my God, who in His mercy has brought me back to solid ground. In His quiet and perfect way has raised a mirror before me, exposing a man I despised-a man I had become.

To now be fully broken, laying out my faults before my brothers and allowing God to mold me into the man He intended. This is what I am most thankful for this year.

And to begin again-in loving my neighbor, in embracing life and in speaking truth.
Truly this is a new day.

This Thanksgiving will be very different.


Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said…
I think the change you've undergone the past few years has just been God moving you into a season of joy and peace. Revel in it!
Anonymous said…
Happy Thanksgiving to HR and all the family!!!!

hoosier reborn said…
Jim-I am reveling...every time I go out to the farm

Wingman-thanks...and Happy Thanksgiving to your clan too!

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