Sycamore Hill calls....farewell river city.

It's official.

Hoosier Reborn is packing the family and moving out of river city. Our offer on a historic farm I have already dubbed "Sycamore Hill" was accepted and now begins the long process of moving, renovating, selling our place.... It is a beautiful place with a woods, creek, large old trees a great old barn and house, room for a cabin, orchard and truck patch.

Wow. Can't believe it. More later on this developing story.


Anonymous said…
HR, I realize your dreams have been to find such a place. That sucking sound that will be heard as you close the door on your river city history will be the vacuum created when another bright young, perhaps too idealist, dreamer leaves town because leadership has no vision nor high expectation for what Plymouth could be. I wish you and your family well at the new place and will "expect" you use your creativity and vision to do good outside the city "limits"

jimgrey said…
Congratulations! But I'm a little surprised to learn you plan to grow trucks on the land.
vanilla said…
Congratulations and best of luck in your moving process.

River City's loss is personal gain for you and your family.

As I told my nephew the other day, do good, and do well. Two different things.
Troy said…
Lol, it makes it sound like you're moving several towns away.
hoosier reborn said…
It will seem like several towns away!

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