Final Potato

This is my last group of pictures from the photo-shoot at Potato Creek State Park; although with the weather finally turning more Fall-like, I may shoot more this weekend. You might notice that sycamore and beech trees are featured a fair number of times-these are my favorite trees. Although understanding the characteristics of all the trees God made can make you appreciate every one. I like Sycamores because of their gnarly appearance, the striking contrast their white bark can provide in a landscape and the enormous leaves they produce (they should be the state tree I've long contended-we don't sing "through the tulip trees, for me..."). I also really like the beech tree. If you see a large old beech you know that you are in an ancient hardwood forest; the twig structure is also unique as is the contrasting smooth grey bark. You might also notice I try to use the blue sky as a backdrop or "canvas" for some of the pictures. I actually discovered this technique when I was about 12 years old. Sometimes it works, other times-not so much.


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