stuffed with turkeys

The turkeys evidently thought it was safe enough to come up from the woods to spend Thanksgiving with us on my parents' deck. At one time there were three perched on the bird feeding platform.

We spent part of the day "at the farm" doing a few more walk-thrus. The extended family all gathered and seemed to have their health and sanity-that's a big deal for my family. The turkeys weren't the only excitement that day though. My sister-in-law had brought a crystal relish tray loaded with veggies; the tray was a "find" at Goodwill. The problem is that it just happened to perfectly-I mean perfectly-resemble the crystal relish tray my grandfather bought my mother for her birthday, which happened to be the day he died. As we were washing the dishes and noticed that they were twins, my mom was visibly shaken now not knowing which piece of glass was the sentimental dish. My brother with cool afirmation said "it's this one". Truth be told.....he didn't have a clue either.

My blogging has hit a lul. I seem to find myself very busy; add to that everything that surrounds buying and selling a house and this is what you of turkeys from Thanksgiving. I'll be back at it soon!


Anonymous said…
I have lived in Marshall County for 43 years. During that time we have gone from no turkeys to today having them so plentiful that they eat at bird feeders. Geese were a very rare sight and now they are an absolute nusiance. Deer are now seen in herds not just the occasional tree line sighting.
While pleasing to see what are the potential consequences?????

vanilla said…
Your brother is a genius. And cool.

What's with the "eyes" in the turkey picture?
hoosier reborn said…

We need more pilgrims to kill the we need asian ladybugs


He's clever, but he only fooled mom. The eyes are Christmas tree lights...yes, a bit early.
Troy said…
That was well written. Sounds better than my Thanksgiving. My grandma passed away two nights before and we went without a turkey. No feast seemed appropriate.

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