From the Front Porch

We seldom use our front just seems too noisy. But, last weekend we raked some leaves and the kids played a little. So, here are some scenes from our front porch:

Reggie Wayne and a random pop rockstar hung out on our porch just before they went begging the neighbors for candy. You can tell that the porch is next on the agenda for restoration on this old house.

This little tree is a Shumard Oak my son and I planted about 6 years ago. We got it from the Arbor Day Foundation when it was a whip about 18" tall and its about 6 1/2' today. It is more typically found in central Indiana and south, but it was said to be a fast grower and did well in urban areas with deep red fall foliage. My son had a leaf collection due this fall and he put into the book a "Shumard Oak".....most kids probably just put "oak". I'm a terrible influence.


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