potential fishing trip from hell

My brother calls yesterday morning and leaves this message: uncle is in, dad says he'll go but wants to just sit, cuz will fly home from Florida....are you in!?!?!?!? In? Do you seriously want to attempt this? You know it will be the fishing trip from hell.
Swamp Lake family photo, ca. 1956
Evidently something set my brother off to start scheming this plan to take a fishing trip late this summer to the old family "vacation" site near Tomahawk, Wisconsin. He should know better-the last family trip in 1988 resulted in a lot of swearin' by gramps and drove my step-grandmother to drinkin'....a lot. But, with the promise of this trip being different, he's already found the old vacation site on (get this) Swamp Lake. Moran's Landing (sounds a lot like moron) is the place the family has secured fishing cabins for generations. This time it would just be the males of the surname-including my son and my brother's son....7 of us. With 7, how could it be unlucky?

So, I googled Moran's Landing. This was the image that came up:

God help us. Oh, I'll go. The males in our family are kinda different.....and very different from each other....but we all have short tempers in common, and personalities given to bull-headedness. And bizarre senses of humor which often cuts against the grain of each other. This could be interesting, all seven of us locked up in a cabin in the north woods, which their website describes as "Canadian-like". What, are their mounties in the woods around the lake?

I know what you're thinking, but this is a current photo

I know little about the place. I never went there. As a vacation destination, it kinda stopped when my dad was a kid except that my grandparents continued to travel there. In fact the last time they went in about 1980, they sent home a letter begging for money-that gramps was in jail for carrying fuel in the back of their car. They later sent a letter explaining it was a joke....only after we desperately tried to make contact with them. Once they brought home a t-shirt for me that said "Tomahawk" which became the shirt I would change into when I became the superhero "Tomahawk Kid".

My brother is leaving it to me to work out the details. I'm booking my own cabin I think. I will update you as this disaster unfolds.


Anonymous said…
LOL !!!!! I cant wait to see how this turns out!!!! All I can say is that is way too much woman for any of you boys!!!!
vanilla said…
"--as this disaster unfolds."
Do you not see what you are prophesying over yourself?
hoosier reborn said…
Anon....I agree. lol.

Vanilla-I'm sure Jeremiah wasn't such a popular guy either. I'm just trying to get my expectations low enough to be impressed with anything..even superwoman.
Anonymous said…
just which uncle does this include? could be interesting.
Ishmael said…
One name: RED GREEN. Good luck handyman!
Anonymous said…
Well, we are scheduled for a trip to Moran's this summer. When is your trip, and will you be posting on what you found????

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