waning summer update from the field

Trying to make an escape from blueberry hell.....I headed to my folks for a quiet dinner in the country Saturday night topped off by a stroll through the "field"......dad's eco-experiment. Here's a few pictures from the field.....and pond.....and "circle of trees".


Anonymous said…
"Blueberry hell" is why I drove the megaslab instead of the Michigan Road past Plymouth to and from South Bend last weekend.
Anonymous said…
Hey other than walking in the Parade I successfully avoided that stinky moving mass of humanity called the Blueberry Festival....I just cannot rub elbows or anything else with some of the cave dwellers that hang out on the covered bridge or around the rides anymore what was once a hometown event is quickly approaching flea market standards in my book!
Anonymous said…
I have said this to you many times but you have more examples here.....Have you considered professional photography???? I know what kind of camera you are using to take these shots what could you do with a professional model!!!

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