names I would not choose

Now, be honest, haven't you heard some one's last name and thought, maybe even verbalized, "wow, glad I don't have their last name". I was driving in the Porter County area today and came across this sign........and I thought to myself, if I were a participant on the Wheel of Fortune and saw this arrangement of letters I would guess an "L" an "M" and buy an "O".....Vanna, can we see those letters? For some reason, I don't think Mr. Chi_d _ _ _ester would appreciate that, being that he's running for judge and all.

Other names of people I know that I'm glad I do not have: Stinke, Burpee, Swiney, Gross, Boner, Bottomley, Cockbain, Lush or Pueke.......and I'm only halfway through the phone book. There was a friend in college with the last name "Small". We made fun of him relentlessly....although I could see going through school with the name "Large" like another friend of mine, for obvious reasons.

I wish Judge Chidester the best....I guess. Better than his counterpart in river city. Have you noticed Mr. Palmers signs nearly ALL appear to be placed in the right-of-way...violating our laws? That doesn't seem to speak well of his ability to execute the law from the bench. Cae-sera-sera.


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