awwwhhh.....aren't they cute?


After terrorizing the family for the last few days, and visitors to our home, I decided I needed to take a tough stand against Sammie, Eddie & Oliver......I found them lounging together in a heap when the sun came out today. Let's just say Sammie and Eddie won't be a problem anymore. Oliver, the tricky one that he is, got away for now. We're developing quite a little pet cemetery along the north side of our fence. And don't send me animal activist hate mail, I tried unsuccessfully for a relocation program. There are 3 in this photo...count the heads.
Ah if only party bosses were so easily removed!

This afternoon it was great fun watching our little ones play around the bushes by the back step. I'm not sure where their momma was, but watching them slither in and out of the ground brought a smile to my face as I called the kids over to watch the three baby snakes play by our back doorstep. How many snakes in a clutch, or nest, or ??? Evidently now I know why that big, fat garter snake was so angry with me when I tried to chase it away.

I left a note on the door for my lovely wife, who is currently away, to be careful not to step on our youngins' when she gets home. If it isn't moles, who evidently figured out how to stay away from the trap, it's bats, and if not bats, it's snakes. A friend of my wife's said it's because of the nature center we built in our back room for the kids........."if you build it, they will come" she says. Drats!


Anonymous said…
Pictures! Pictures! I have to see it to believe it!!!! Your recent excavations pobably disturbed their nest..... oh happy thoughts their brothers and sisters may be in the basement!!!!!!!
hoosier reborn said…
well, I read that the average nest of garters is about 24, so we've yet to find the remaining 21...and yes, they may well be in the basement. I've named them after the river city 3 stooges...I saw Oliver this morning again. I'm hoping that Eddie and Sammy have already been consumed by the neighbor's cat. I'll try to get some pics.
Anonymous said…
Maybe Oliver consumed Eddie and Sammy!!Are you sure those are garter snakes maybe Oliver is a King snake... HEHA!!! Since a snake has no arms how does it "pull strings" Oh wait Oliver saying he doesn't pull strings?????
Anonymous said…
no reason for you to move to the now have the critters and goofy politicians we have to deal with out here in the two mile zone!!!
Anonymous said…
Yeah, well, if you handle party bosses like you do garter snakes, they come and put you in jail. It's very pesky.

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