Tyranny of the Urgent

A few weeks back our pastor made the suggestion we all read the little pamphlet book "Tyranny of the Urgent", and then supplied us all with them, which made me feel obligated to read it. Once I finally found time to read it, I decided to do what the author suggested in keeping track of every half-hour during the course of the day......the point being we lose track of the most valuable thing we have, our time.

So, knowing that you're all dying to know what Hoosier Reborn does with his time now that he's unemployed, here's the results based on a percentage of non-sleep hours....which incidentally averaged 7 hours of sleep a day.

Leading Youth Group & 20's class at our church: 12%
Messing around with my non-profit preservation interests: 14%
Actual paid work: 32%
TV (mostly on the couch with my wife): 7%
Time the whole family is doing something together: 10%
House work/painting: 9%
Time with God: 6%
Personal stuff, like shower, meals and work out: 10%
Emailing/blogging: 5%
Hanging with friends coffees/movies: 4%

What stood out to me first was the fact that my combined non-profit stuff almost equalled my for-profit work stuff. I do think that will go down as some projects are coming to a close. I guess I should consider myself blessed that I have that time to give and still pay the bills......I think, I better ask my wife if we're paying our bills.

The other thing that stood out to me was how much more a percentage of time everything consumed than my time with God.....but at least He ranked higher than my connection to friends either in person or via email. But I'm not so sure that's good either.

Any suggestions on how to find more time in my day.....maybe some things I should cut out or reduce in time spent? TV......maybe.


Anonymous said…
As I've been teaching about spiritual disciplines I've been thinking, naturally, about my time spent with God (via disciplines). I'm wondering what happens to all the other activities in my life if I set aside a healthy amount of daily time for these disciplines. Kind of like how I make a decision on how much of my paycheck goes into the offering plate and then stick to it. I have found that the remaining money I have tends to arrange itself, then -- so much for mortgage, so much for food, so much for gas, so much for leisure. I wonder if my time will arrange itself the same way?
Anonymous said…
in your words how much of that time was spent modeling Christ.....it is just my opinion that if your would work, pleasure free time would be pleasing to God then your time has been "well spent"!
hoosier reborn said…
well, I trust I'm always modeling Christ, or at least hope to be. Jim Grey and some recent conversations in the 20's class brought to my mind "tithing time" which I think I'll do a post on soon.

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