Vincennes: our first territorial capital

One of the most spectacular memorials in Indiana is the George Rogers Clark Memorial in Vincennes.  Its location along the Wabash River in Indiana first territorial capital is a fitting site given the importance of the river to the expansion of the country in the old west, now our Midwest.

Just across the lawn north of the memorial is this great bridge crossing the Wabash into Illinois.  Its grand flanking gateway carved with Native Americans is probably my favorite bridge in the state-well, second to the one I proposed to my wife on....I suppose that's my favorite.  While my reason for visiting the city this spring was because of it being the location of Indiana's Historic Preservation Conference, I'm losing a good friend to Vincennes-his hometown, so I'm thinking more visits are in my future.


Jim Grey said…
The bridge at Vincennes is among my most favorite. Just a wonderful bridge.

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