Take it to the Ring...er, uh Hoop.

I knew Ted was Cruz'n for a bruisin' in Indiana when he made two fatal mistakes:

1) He told Hoosiers how to vote and
2) He called a basketball hoop a "ring" while trying to channel our favorite pastime to his advantage.

Maybe that's what happens when a transplanted Canadian crosses the border into Indiana.  If you're out campaigning you have to either get it right with the folks you're trying to win over or admit the heck you don't know their culture and move on.  If I ever run for president and go to California to campaign, I'll applaud surfers for their skill but you won't hear me talking about "catching a wave on that floaty thing".

And Hoosiers simply don't like to be told what to do.  Rolling into the primary and saying you struck a deal with John Kasich (my pick) and that his supporters should vote for Cruz I think left an odor most foul.  I think a good deal of uncommitted voters at that point doubled-down and voted for Kasich or thought forget those two and went Trump.

We Hoosiers are a funny bunch.


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