Where the Wild Things Are

This is Bandit.  Every night I have to go out and get to the bird feeder and suet before he does.
This little fella swam right past me while I was sitting down by the creek.
I've been roaming our little 8 1/2 acre piece of paradise as the weather warms and the sun has been making its appearance.  I remember the first time we visited Sycamore Hill and being a wildlife lover, I realized pretty quickly that I found "home".  Late spring seems to bring out the very best on the Hill, at least in terms of wildlife.  And with the advantage of phone cameras, I'm usually quick to send my latest sightings off to family and friends.  Now, none of these shots are spectacular, and some you'll just have to take my word for it, but here's a little photo-documentary of where the wild things are....on Sycamore Hill.

The bright red spot is a Scarlet Tanager.  I believe this is what the fortune cookie foretold. 

This is a Mockingbird that's been hanging around the farm.

Thankfully we found enough to make one mess of these tasty morsels.


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