Pomp and Circumstance(s)

Andrews University graduation outside Pioneer Memorial Chapel

I've been like a kid over celebrating Indiana's bicentennial this year, but 2016 is big in my book for at least two other reasons.  The advantage of graduating from your first four-year stint in college and going to a five-year program at another is that when you celebrate important graduation anniversaries, they are always in the same year.  This year marks the big silver anniversary of 25 years from completing my Business Administration degree from Bethel, and 20 years from completing my Architecture degree from Andrews.  So if you do the math, I spent nine years in college and don't have a "Dr." in front of my name to show for it-or the income for that matter.

Marrying these two degrees with my love for history has allowed me to take what is essentially a hobby and turn it into a career in which I work for myself.  It's just hard to believe it has been this long out of college, even as I look to my 30th high school class reunion next year.  There is no way I am that old.

Bethel College graduation outside of Goodman Auditorium

Unfortunately I don't see any of my old Bethel or Andrews classmates, except for occasional pics on FB.  I miss my archi-friends from Andrews.  I trust you guys are all doing well and changing the physical face of America and beyond for the better with your exceptional talents.  What I wouldn't give for another round table discussion over coffee at the Daybreak.  And I miss many of my Bethel business classmates-it does my heart well to know many of you stayed right here in Indiana to make this a better place.  Happy 20th and 25th everyone-it doesn't quite seem like yesterday, but close enough.


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