Holding Court in Porter & Sullivan Counties

The Porter County Courthouse (above/below) provides the tale of a phoenix, as it were, rising from the ashes.  The courthouse was built in 1883-1885 and designed by John Cochrane of Chicago, responsible for the Illinois State Capitol.  It typified many courthouses of that period with a mansard roof and clock tower.  However, just after Christmas in 1934 the courthouse suffered a major fire bringing the roof and tower down.  The building was substantially rebuilt and a fourth floor added giving the impression of more classically-designed courthouses of that period.

The Sullivan County Courthouse (above and below) with its great rotunda and stained glass dome was built in the Classical style and designed by Vincennes architect John B. Bayard in 1926.  The courthouse is the center of the small southwestern Indiana town taking its name from the county, Sullivan.  This courthouse, along with five others built during the same period, ended the time of classically-inspired design for Indiana's courthouses.


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