the Daniels' slip and slide

At our weekly coffee clutch, my good friend who is well acquainted with the manufacturing industry from the owner's perspective, made this comment, "well, I'm going to have to eat crow...I'm upset with our governor"

Acknowledging this and thinking, yes, eventually all will become disillusioned with the Mitch phenomena, I inquired why. The newly frustrated said that he directed the republican legislature to pass the new unemployment tax on large industry. The very industry that needs to lead us out of the economic free-fall. This new legislation that was signed into law provides for extension to unemployment compensation. No doubt this is needed. But the rub on republicans and big industry is that now is NOT the time to add significant additional tax in Indiana. This friend called downstate to an inside source who commented that business doesn't vote, the unemployed do.

I told him he was missing the bigger story. We've seen how the governor's budget team woefully underestimated revenue, creating shortfalls to his sacred and well publicized miracle budget. My understanding is that the stimulus dollars coming from the federal government to states was to undergird funds such as the unemployment fund. At least this is what we were told the state would do. The real story? I think this recent tax increase on industry by republicans no less just goes to show you how in dire straights our state economy is. Remember when Daniels said we were the envy of our neighbors?

I believe that history will not be kind to Mitch Daniels. At least for those who can read history from an unbiased perspective. I believe that as his true colors continue to bleed through his well-funded publicity machine folks like my buddy will begin to understand that Daniels has been, and unfortunately will continue to be, bad for Indiana.

Speaking of true colors, while Daniels was basking in some good economic publicity in the devastated Elkhart job market he was questioned by a reporter about a veto he recently made regarding judge appointments vs. elections. Evidently this originated from Northern Indiana. Daniels made this comment "it all has to do with politics....I don't know how you people do things up here, er, uh, I mean some people do things, but that's not the way we do things. We're not political".

Nice slip there, Mitch. I think it's evident what he's always thought of Northern Indiana so I guess it should be no surprise that he said it. But I couldn't believe my ears, then thought, man, what a jack.... Just making a statement like that is political maneuvering. And if anyone has proven their political-speak abilities, it's Mitch.


Anonymous said…
not only is he dismissive of the Democrats of St Joe County which is the group he intended to slam but this proves that he lumps all Northern Indiana Citizens into a sub group of which he questions their thought processes! It is time to hold an constitutional convention and to consider withdrawing from the state!
hoosier reborn said…
I think it has more to do with Marion County Republicans, and Democrats for that matter given the Jill debacle, assuming they know what's best for us out here in the sticks.

Maybe Marion County should form more of "city-state" taking unigov one step further, and leave the rest of us Hoosiers to govern ourselves. We can even move the state capital back to Corydon.

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