For what shall we be Remembered?

Generations past, those stories we have been told,
Of greatest generations who, without hesitation, perished
In order that we might be free,
To preserve the union,
And uphold our way of life
We remember from time to time, including this day.
Their sacrifices we honor.

But what will be said of us?
Our generation who, without thought, live
With no concern for future generations,
Waste our resources, indulge our greed
And create a hollow way of life.
We refuse reality, even this day.
Their way of life we reject.

I believe this,
We measure our resolve against our forefathers,
And reflect on their sacrifice as something uncommon.
But their lives were already given to selflessness,
Long before they laid them down.
What are we given to,
And for what shall we be remembered?


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